Stratco Patios


Stratco Patios

The Stratco Outback range offers flexible solutions to achieve the ultimate outdoor lifestyle in your home.

The product range includes:

    • Outback Flat Roof

Uncomplicated and simple by design, a flat roof patio is so versatile it can virtually be applied to cover any area outside your home. Available as a freestanding structure or attached to your home, the Outback Flat Roof has a maximum span of up to 8.4 metres.

    • Outback Gable Roof

The popular pitched roof exhibits a strong presence and style for your outdoor entertainment area. The gable patio can be constructed as a freestanding unit or attached to the home and comes with the option of 2 distinct styles.

    • Outback Curved Roof

A contemporary look that exudes elegance and is guaranteed to add value to your home. The curved patio is installed attached to the house or as part of a flat roof or pergola system. It has a maximum span of up to 6.6 metres with a choice of 2 roofing styles.

    • Outback Cooldek Roof

The innovative insulated roofing system that protects you from the elements, offers substantial insulation and an attractive ceiling all in one. A Cooldek patio is exceptionally strong with the ability to span up to 7 metres unsupported.

    • Outback Sunroof

Enjoy the best that outdoor living has to offer, with the ability to control the level of sunlight and breeze filtering through the roof’s electronic lourves to your desired position. The Outback Sunroof is available in a flat and gable design, with a span of up to 3.9 metres for a flat roof and 7.2 metres for a gable roof. This sophisticated system will even detect rain and automatically close the roof blades when required.

Take a look at our gallery for inspiration and ideas to create the perfect outdoor lifestyle for you and your family.

Endless colour combinations

On top of the varied patio options on offer, comes a wide range of colours, which you can select to complement or contrast against your home’s existing colour scheme. Choose from 7 high gloss framework colours, a wide variety of high gloss cladding colours and over 20 gutter colour options to create the ideal look. A Perth Better Homes consultant can show you the colour samples and help you decide which colour combinations will best suit your space.

Smart design

Stratco have thought of everything when it comes to designing the ideal patio, so that you can enjoy a beautiful outdoor living area. This includes:

  • Enclosed beams to deter bugs and pests
  • Minimal framework for low maintenance and cleaning
  • Fewer visible screws for a neater appearance

Our guarantee

When you have a Stratco Outback patio installed by Perth Better Homes, you can rest assured it’s been built to withstand the elements. We also provide you with additional peace of mind, which is backed by a 15 year structural warranty (conditions apply) and a 1 year installation warranty.

The durable Outback patio range has been engineered and tested to comply with all relevant Australian Standards. Each of the main components is produced from tough high tensile steel, while the fixings and brackets are galvanised for a long functional life.

Why you should choose a Stratco patio

We understand that having flexibility is integral to achieving the best results. Your dream outdoor living area shouldn’t be confined by fixed parameters, rather you should have complete design freedom to make your vision come to life. And that’s exactly what we do. When we design and install your patio you can be happy knowing you’ll:

  • Enjoy the best that outdoor living has to offer every day of the year
  • Maximise the useable space of your property
  • Combat the heat of Perth’s harsh summers and cool winter rains
  • Add value to your property

Open your home to the outdoors with a weatherproofed Stratco Outback patio installed by Perth Better Homes. Contact us today or call 1300 764 155.