Cooldek Patios


Cooldek Patios

Keeping cool outdoors during the hot summer months is easy when you have a Cooldek patio installed. Stratco’s Cooldek innovative roofing system is Australia’s first all-in-one integrated patio roof cover with an insulated ceiling finish.

At the forefront of patio technology

A Cooldek patio has the ability to significantly reduce heat penetrating through your patio on hot days. How does it do this? By cleverly integrating insulated panels into your roof design. You’ll always stay cool, even with the exposure to warm open air around your patio or alfresco.

Not only does an insulated patio roof bring a whole new level of comfort to your outdoor environment, but it looks amazing too. With large roof spans of up to 7 metres and minimal framing involved in the construction, you can achieve a sleek and polished appearance that will be the envy of all your neighbours and friends. When it comes to the design of a Cooldek patio, Stratco have thought of everything, even ensuring any wiring for fittings can be concealed. The outstanding cooling properties of the polystyrene core, combined with the exceptional strength of the steel structure, makes a Cooldek patio the ultimate choice for your outdoor entertaining area.

Cooldek / Solarspan roofing options

Cooldek roofing comes in a choice of 2 types of profiles – Cooldek Classic and Cooldek CGI (corrugated). Both options offer a range of modern colours for the roof and ceiling design, and you can choose the thickness of your insulation from 50mm, 75mm or 100mm. Our design consultants will chat to you about your options and if you’re unsure, we’ll happily recommend the best solution to suit your needs and your outdoor space.

Stratco Cooldek roofing is also ideal for use on alfrescos, carports and verandahs.

Why you should choose a Cooldek / Solarspan patio

Having an insulated roof in your backyard means you can stay cool and enjoy spending more time outdoors, regardless of the harsh effects of Perth’s summer sun. You’ll also benefit immensely in other ways, as a Cooldek patio will:

  • Help to keep the interior of your house cool
  • Reduce noise from any heavy rain or downpours
  • Reduce your energy costs – saving you money
  • Minimise your carbon footprint

Perth’s most highly recommended Cooldek patio installer

You can rely on Perth Better Homes to install your new Cooldek / Solarspan roofing system quickly and efficiently, while delivering superior service every step of the way. We begin with a free one on one consultation to gather all of the information we need, and then set forth creating a custom design, taking into account both the interior and exterior of your home. We’ll draw up the plans, making sure all of the specifications are correct, and handle the necessary paperwork for your council approvals. As soon as we get the OK, our highly skilled builders will push on with construction and installation, ensuring the end result is nothing short of spectacular. Take a look at our gallery to see why our workmanship is so highly regarded in Perth.

Enjoy a whole new level of comfort outdoors with a Stratco Cooldek patio installed by Perth Better Homes. Contact us todayor call 1300 764 155.