A great way to turn your outdoors into another room!

Bring the indoor outdoors with custom designed blinds that add style and comfort to your outdoor entertaining area. We specialise in the supply and installation of outdoor blinds, which are both durable and functional for your home or business.

Quality outdoor blinds

If you’re looking for better protection from the elements and privacy for your outdoor environment, then café or alfresco blinds (as they are also commonly known) is the perfect solution for you. And you’ll be highly impressed by what’s possible with the innovative Ziptrack Outdoor Blind system.

Ziptrack Blinds specialist

The Ziptrack Outdoor Blind is by far the most advanced outdoor blind system you’ll come across. All those things you would normally find annoying about blinds has been taken into consideration, to create an unobtrusive and attractive solution that is nothing short of brilliant. Here’s how.

No zips, cords, ropes or wires

The Ziptrack operates on a spring-balanced system, so there are no zips, cords, ropes or wires to struggle with when operating the blinds.

Quick and easy to use

Simply pull the blind up and down with your hand and let go to your desired height. The lightweight structure means the blind will glide effortlessly, stopping at any position, with no heavy lifting, pushing or pulling required, Quite amazing considering it can reach a maximum span of up to 6 metres. Motorised options are also available.

No gaps on the side

The Ziptrack is expertly designed to ensure every inch of your space is sealed, providing you with absolute protection from the sun, wind and rain. It also means you can keep pesky bugs out, such as flies and mosquitoes.

Stays in place

Special locking mechanisms ensure the blinds stay secure, so you’ll never hear that irritating rattling noise in the wind again!
Our blinds are available in a range of colours and fabrics including clear, tinted or PVC. Download our colour chart.

Superior service

We stand by our commitment to providing 100% customer satisfaction. Whether it’s delivering the highest standard in the products we use, our expert measure and competitive quote, customised designs or precision installation, it’s our job to make sure you’re getting exactly what you need.

Why our customers love outdoor blinds

  • Reduces your energy bills by keeping the heat out during summer and allowing the heat in during winter
  • Ensures you stay protected from the sun, wind or rain all year around
  • Allows for privacy when you need it
  • You can expand your house or property without the need to renovate
  • Innovative features of the Ziptrack Outdoor Blind make it easy to operate
  • Adds value to your home

Need some inspiration? Browse through our blinds gallery to see the finished product.

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